So for the past several weeks I have been documenting the feelings of friends, family, and myself using status via facebook. Every day I looked for feelings of happiness, sadness, and anger and each day I was able to find at least one status for each of the 3 categories. People use the web or social networks to express themselves in a way that they may not be comfortable expressing in front of a crowd. In other words, we use social networks like facebook as a diary in order to document our everyday feelings of emotion. In some cases you can determine how one feels just by a simple face for an example:
=) – Happy or =( – sad, but what if someone uses the smiley like this one =|. This smiley may be hard to interpret the feeling that is intended because it could go in either direction of sad or angry. The point of this is that people sometimes misinterpret people’s feelings over the web because the individual isn’t standing directly in front of them. In other words, expressing emotion over the web has its’ pros and cons. However, for the most part it was much easier to find status that provoked happiness. So I would say that for the most part people are just trying to share the happiness that they have in their lives with their social networking friends. Facebook as well as other social sites are not just sites that provide juicy gossip and drama as many people claim them to be. Instead, these are places where people can come together all over the world to communicate and share feelings without direct involvement. This form of communication allows people to share their feelings of emotion freely and without having to deal with the factor of “saving face” in society.